Barbarossa and Kyffhäuser

Friedrich 1, Holy Roman Emperor
Friedrich 1 (Barbarossa)
Legend of Barbarossa
Sleeping hero legends (pdf)
Sleeping hero legends (link)
King in the mountain (pdf Wikipedia)
King asleep in mountain (Wikipedia)
Kyffhäuser, Germany (Wikipedia)
Friedrich I. Barbarossa - Die Legende im Kyffhäuser (Youtube documentary in German)
The Barbarossa Legend

Tom Dreyer - short stories and poems (Afrikaans)

Ek onthou ritte saam met my pa
Onwaarskynlike elikser
Ek en my pa ry in die Landcruiser


Go-kart 1 (bird's eye view)
Go-kart 2
First rocket launch
Kyffhäuser video clip

Little baboon playing with camera
Leopard playing with camera
Leopard drinking water
Red hartebeest

Pan launch
Pan launch 2
Rocket launch
Rocket launch 2
Dirty dog
Ash explosion
Fire bomb

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Zebra River Lodge
Neuras - N/a'an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate
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Tsauchab River Camp
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